Community Fund 2020-2021 Investment Brings $376,000 back to Local Communities

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2020 -2021 Community Investments


Newfoundland and Labrador – July 27, 2021


United Way Newfoundland and Labrador (UWNL) has completed its 2020-2021 Community Investments with thirty-one (31) local charities receiving funding totaling over $376,000.00. Since its establishment in NL in 2005, UWNL has invested more than $6.8 million dollars in community organizations throughout the province.


Bridges to Hope was one of the organizations that UWNL was very pleased to support with a $10,000.00 contribution to their Healthy Hampers program. Executive Director Jody Williams described the direct impact of this funding:


One of our clients, Paul, is a paraplegic and has 2 school aged children. They have no mom, and he will never be able to work. Paul said “thank god for Bridges to Hope. Since the pandemic I have been struggling even more than ever with the ever-increasing cost of food and the thought of my children not having access to healthy food keeps me awake at night. I certainly appreciate the support from Bridges to Hope”.


UWNL is second only to the provincial government in terms of funding to Newfoundland and Labrador’s social sector. Our ability to invest in NL charitable organizations is only because of the generous support of our corporate partners, Government of Canada employees, and many individual donors.


A full list of the Charities in receipt of UWNL funding support is available on our website




About United Way Newfoundland and Labrador


United Way Newfoundland & Labrador is an impact organization that powers change in our province. We want Newfoundland & Labrador to be a province united by compassion, rich in opportunity and free from poverty. Since 2005, United Way Newfoundland & Labrador has invested over $6.8 million in communities throughout the province – funding a network of community agencies and non-profit organizations. United Way Newfoundland & Labrador believes in a strong network of community services. We target funds to community programs to address immediate needs and mobilize on-the-ground efforts to tackle persistent social issues at their root.


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Figure 1 L-R Katie Greene UWNL; Jody Williams Bridges to Hope