2021 Community Fund Recipients

Manual’s River Natural Heritage Society – Meals Ready to Go Program

“We are seeking support from United Way to continue the Meal Ready to GO! Program.  If we are successful with this community fund application, we will make a commitment to prepare and package 210 meals a week for Connections for Seniors to distribute to their clients, for a period of 14 weeks.”

UWNL is proud to report that we fully funded this program with $24,900!  

MacMorran Community Centre - Youth Leaders for Tommorow

MacMorran Community Centre applied for funding for their “Youth Leaders for Tomorrow” program which falls under UWNL’s Focus Area “All That Kids Can Be”.  One of UWNL’s three focus areas, All That Kids Can Be is meant to provide youth with access to early literacy and development programs, recreational activities, mentors, volunteering, educational programs and other opportunities to discover and develop their talents and interests as they progress through school and into adulthood.

MacMorran Community Centre’s overall objective for this program was to: Engage youth in meaningful volunteer experiences; to build skills and experience that youth can transfer to other work or educational opportunities; to enhance the personal development of youth in the program; and, to deliver direct skills development sessions which build on the leadership of youth.


Town of Happy Valley Goose Bay

UWNL fully funded the Town of HVGB’s request for $15,000 for their “Strengthening Our Communities Campaign”.  This funding falls under UWNL’s focus area “Healthy People, Strong Communities” and helped to provide a fully accessible wellness centre.  


“The YMCA has been amazing in times of COVID isolation and lack of programs.  The kids have lived in the pool and we have seen such a change in water confidence in just a few short weeks.  The open gym has allowed the kids to socialize and participate in age appropriate exercise.  The YMCA has made an impact on our kids social, physical, and mental health.”

M. Curran



Vine Place Community Centre 

Corner Brook

Vine Place Community Centre requested $10,000 for the “Vine Place Summer Recreation Program”.

UWNL is proud to have fully funded this program with $10,000.

1st Picture: Vine Place Community Centre had 15 students attend their Summer Camp program. In the first picture above it shows students learning the rules to play a game of laser tag. The children loved this activity especially because Corner Brook’s laser tag facility had closed several years ago.

2nd Picture: The Summer Camp kids enjoying The Corner Brook Mill Whistler Road Train, which is open Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. The train ride is a 15-20 minute adventure showing Corner Brook’s beautiful rich culture within the city.


Canadian Mental Health Association

UWNL provided $20,000 in funding for the “Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) Mental Health Programs and Services” program. The funding is provided under UWNL’s “Healthy People, Strong Communities” focus area.  According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, this funding will “…increase the amount of mental health resources available to Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) communities.” “To modify our current programs to tackle the issues specific to these communities for all age groups.”, and, “To assess the current barriers to seeking and receiving supports related to mental health for BIPOC communities.”

Beading classes was a partnership with the local indigenous group and a

local indigenous beader from St. Georges and CMHA.


Canada Day Celebrations


Partnership with NAWN as support staff during the event for the

Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women