Local Love Impact Stories

Community Fund 2021

Home Again Furniture Website

“I’m feeling particularly grateful on this lovely day and wanted to send you a brief message of thanks. 

“Your generous support of Home Again is helping to change the homes, and lives, of some of our region’s most vulnerable people. People like Thomas, a successful business owner who ended up briefly homeless after hitting hard times. In this short video, you’ll hear Thomas share the profound impact a furnished home had on his life and well-being. ” 

Your support is transforming the lives of men, women, children and seniors. Thank you for your life-changing support.”   Maureen, Director of Development, Home Again Furniture


Agriculture in the Classroom Website

“I spoke with a parent a few days ago, whose twin boys I taught 3 years ago.  They are now in Grade 6 and 7.  She told me that they still talk about the garden and what a wonderful experience that was.  She mentioned that they were excited to find some nasturtium seeds that apparently come in different varieties. It was so nice to hear that even 3 years later.  Thanks again for your help and support with this wonderful program.”  Denise – LGT-Grade 3-CC Loughlin


Eating Disorder Foundation Website

” It was a successful year for the program once again and EFFT continues to be on our our 2 “Flagship” programs that support families dealing with an eating disorder within their family unit.  The continued support from United Way NL has been so valuable, right from the program’s inception, in allowing us to continue to support families throughout the province.  As COVID-19 continues to take its toll on fundraising efforts we rely more and more on support from organizations such as the United Way to be able to continue.  Thank you again for selecting us.”

P. Thomey, Executive Director