Local Love Impact Stories

Community Fund 2023

In 2023 UWNL funded Vine Place Community Centre $10,000 for their “Community Centre’s Summer Camp” Program

“My six-year-old daughter struggled to connect with her peers during her first year of school. However, attending a summer camp organized by Vine Place helped her come k:Jut of her shell and increased her confidence in approaching other children. This allowed her to make new friends and have a great start in her second year of school. As a single mom, I would not have been able to provide her with the experiences she received at the camp. She was thrilled to go back to school this year, and she will also be attending Vine Place’s after-school program, thanks to the wonderful staff who provided a safe and supportive environment for her.” Vine Place Community Centre – Parent Testimonial

About Vine Place

Vine Place Community Centre (VPCC) has been creating urban peace by supporting and empowering
over 500 at-risk, marginalized, underserved residents (0-80) in priority and low-income neighbourhoods across the Newfoundland and Labrador Housing units. VPCC does this through the design and delivery of targeted and effective programs like our sports programming and healthy living activities. VPCC offers a range of life and job skills projects in areas such as cooking, technology and urban agriculture, along with the implementation of best practices and by building strategic partnerships with the justice and school systems, as well as like minded community-based agencies and funders.

Vine Place Community Centre, over the summer weeks, offer a summer camp for children in grades 1 – 6. Each year we get many applications for the spots to join our summer camp and we are able to enroll between 20-30 students in the camp depending on how many student workers we get for the summer.
Our goal is to give low-income families a chance to avail of a summer recreation program by reducing
barriers created by cost and accessibility. By offering our summer camp we are able to increase physical
activity and expose them to outside activities/events. There is also the possibility that Vine Place is able to
allow for the children to experience new activities and events that they may not of otherwise had a chance to see or do.